Having only been working for 3 weeks as the New Media Developer and Internet Marketer for West Coast Properties (offices in Bellville Cape Town), I obviously need to know the area that I’m marketing for. I have never been to Shelley Point, and do not know the West Coast that well which is exactly why Martha Van Niekerk, Principal of West Coast Properties sent me here.

It was a fairly quick drive from the Cape Town suburbs, a little more than 1 and a half hours (160km) to get to Shelley Point, along the R27 or West Coast Road as it’s known.  Shelley Point is situated only 25km’s from the town Vredenburg.

Route along the R27

I’m not sure if I went the right way just after passing through Vredenburg as I ended up at a fork in the road, signposted for either Britannia Bay or Paternoster. I decided to take the gravel road to Britannia Bay because what I do know is that Britannia Bay is right next to Shelley Point. It turned out to be a scenic little drive past farms and the village of Klipheuwel. I reached the top of the hill and was excited to see the Lighthouse on Shelley Point beach in the far distance!

View coming into Shelley Point. The Lighthouse is on the right.

If one continues down the gravel road you approach an intersection which joins up with the West Coast Road.  Selecting to turn left will bring you to the Shelley Point turnoff.  A couple of metres further you’ll arrive at the impressive entrance gates to Shelley Point.  Obviously, I had to stop and take another photo:

Shelley Point Entrance Gates

What you can’t see in this photo, and that I only realised as I walked back to my car is that somewhere along the way my wheel lost its hub-cap! I passed the security gates after signing in, and went on to the West Coast Properties Sales Office. I met Ann Wessels who told me what to go see and more importantly, how to get there. Turns out no directions are needed within the Shelley Point estate. It is very easy to find your way around, as there’s a stunning golf course slap-bang in the middle of it all;  and you always find yourself next to, or close to it.  And what a pleasure it was to drive or walk around this absolutely breathtaking estate!

Golden Mile Boulevard

The famous Golden Mile Beach

The brochures states: “Tranquillity sets the tone of the West Coast. White granite rocks, a cobalt sea and bright fishing boats greet you on arrival.” Tranquil indeed… There is beauty and a sense of aspiration everywhere you go. It’s still pretty quiet as most of the houses still need to be built but its not crowded with cement mixers and builders. I only spotted about 6 houses that’s being built and there’s still a lot of empty stands around. There is an abundance of birds and palm-trees and I’m sure there is a lot more one can encounter when staying here longer.

Shelley Point Country Club


I drove through to the Shelley Country Hotel, Spa and Country Club that offers a spectacular 9 hole links golf course to get an idea of what guests can expect and it’s just as beautiful.  Being unable to meet with Carolyn Savage, sales person for the Hotel, who was unfortunately in Cape Town gives me another reason for a return visit.

Vasco Da Gama statue

Shelley Point Hotel Golf Course with Hotel, Spa & Country Club in the background

I decided to shortly leave Shelley Point so I can see the other developments on sale for West Coast Properties, and drove to St. Helena Views which has been split into 3 phases.  St Helena Views has a beautiful ocean view with natural beauty and St. Helena Bay is recognised as one of the calmest bays in the world. There are only a couple of houses built on the shore. The rest of the developments are brand new and I drove through the empty stands and tried to imagine it full of houses and people and I got the feeling that it will remain a peaceful environment to live in.

One of the St. Helena Views developments

I returned to Shelley Point and decided to go view Gert Joubert’s, the Developer for West Coast Properties’ house.  Situated right on the shore of Stompneusbaai, it is a truly special house.  Looking rather modest from the back, you can only really appreciate it when looking at it from the front or beach.

Mr. Gert Joubert's house (Developer of Shelley Point)

The Lighthouse up close

I also went to view the light-house up close and had a great vantage point of  Stompneusbaai and Shell Bay. The ocean looks really calm and it seems as if you can always see a passing ship somewhere in the distance.

At the close of day I was greeted with the beautiful sunset you can see everyday along the famous Golden Mile Beach.  I grabbed my camera and rushed to the beach-side to get a glimpse of it on camera and albeit a bit late to see the sun go down, I got a couple of photos before the camera ran out of battery! I managed to get some more photos the next day as you can see below.

At night-time there is almost absolute silence and all I could hear was the slight winter breeze.  You can clearly see the amazing unspoilt view of the stars and lights of passing ships in the distant ocean.

Sunset on the Golden Mile Beach

Offering unsurpassed coastal living in a relaxed environment with all creature comforts and abundant nature, Shelley Point really is a perfect example of the quintessential lifestyle development.  I went for a stroll on the Golden Mile beach and can see exactly what makes  Shelley Point a special place to visit (or even live in!) and can’t wait for my next visit here.  Oh and if anyone who drives up along the R27 or within the estate spots my hub-cap, please let me know!

Sunset over Shell Bay


  • Comment by Marthina — June 14, 2011 @ 1:30 pm

    Baie goed geskryf, Stephan. Dit voel of ek ook daar was en weer wil gaan…! Pragtige foto’s

  • Comment by Hester Coetsee — August 3, 2011 @ 4:58 pm

    STUNNING! Lyk na ‘n baie populere vakansiebestemming, aangesien ek sukkel om verblyf te kry gedurende Desember. Miskien het jy ‘n kontak.

  • Comment by Ryan — November 17, 2011 @ 1:38 pm

    Makes me want to go there!

  • Comment by Andre — December 30, 2012 @ 6:41 pm


    We just signed for a plot today and will be going to view it tomorrow. By the sound if this article, we have made a good little investment.
    Amped to see what its all about.

    Andre’ Vorster

  • Comment by Gordon Pike — February 7, 2014 @ 5:27 pm

    Good afternoon,
    We have always looked at this area from KZN and appealing.
    As I am due to go on pension in October, we are looking at various options for our future.
    Please advise what is available to purchase as well as costs.
    A small self contained premises is ideal etc.
    If a PDF plan of new or existing premises could be submitted as an example would be ideal as well as I am in the Architectural business and would like to investigate on my next trip to Cape Town.
    Thanks for your assistance.

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